CediMed has partnerships and alliances with national and international universities in order to have opportunities for academic, cultural and scientific exchange contributing to the integral training of residents, technologists and nurses in formation stages, strengthening academically our specialists and caregivers, and positioning CediMed both on the national and international context.



The radiology specialization of The Pontifical Bolivarian University is a program in partnership with CediMed, qualified under registration issued June 17, 2012. Our medical specialists are the professors of the program, and 95% of the rotations made by students are within CediMed in the categories of general radiology, breast imaging, procedures guided by imaging, fluoroscopy, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, ultrasound, PET and nuclear medicine.

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Through the Teacher Assistance Agreement, radiology residents of CES University have contact with the field of radiology and mastology through the participation of activities in CediMed. This agreement consists of rotations, with a duration between one and two months, in radiology practices with emphasis on breast imaging, image guided procedures, fluoroscopy and musculoskeletal, and practices of the mastology subspecialty.



The technical studies in radiology and diagnostic imaging of the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina aims to train technologists in radiology and diagnostic images that meet the needs of the regional, national and international context in addition to the challenges of society in relation to basic and specialized health care. In CediMed, the students of this program have the opportunity to be trained in the fields of tomography and mammography, in terms of 3 to 6 months as an essential part of their internship, which will enable them to combine their knowledge, gaining a comprehensive insight related to diagnostic imaging.

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