CediMed is the most modern and complete medical diagnostic center in the City of Medellin. It counts with medical specialists and subspecialists of great human and professional quality in every diagnostic field.


To help improve the quality of life of our customers in terms of health, offering a service with excellence, warmth and ethics, with an expert and highly qualified human talent, supporting the training of human resources in health and ensuring the realization of diagnostic and interventional studies that are relevant, reliable and appropriate in relation to imaging, clinical laboratory and other specialized aid.


Be the most recognized institution for medical diagnosis in the country, due to its competitiveness, expertise and ethics of its human talent, as well as the advanced technology of its equipment.


Provide reliable, safe and timely medical diagnostic services in imaging, clinical laboratory and other diagnostic aids with high differentiation focused on the user; offering a friendly, warm, fond, dignified and respectful treatment, supported by professional and qualified personnel, with proper equipment technology in optimal conditions to provide services and the continuous improvement of processes.


Quality: As the excellence and safety of the services provided to the patient. Commitment to the work done, excellence in all processes, warmth in the people, tprofessionalism in all duties.

Ethics: As a lifelong commitment that leads us to act with fairness, transparency, respect and tolerance towards the people and institutions that require our services in their process of health recovery or maintenance.

Service: As a giving and receiving expression, of understanding and serving, of listening and responding, involving communication in an interpersonal relationship by means of a positive, dynamic and open attitude.


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